During the Regular-season (May to Sept)

Meet and Greet 
Every Tuesday we meet at a Tim Hortons for great conversation. The location changes monthly.

Friday Night Ice Cream Rides
Every Friday night a Road Captain will lead a ride to an ice cream parlour of his or her choosing.

Weekend Rides
Full or half day rides are organized and led by a Road Captain on a Saturday or a Sunday.

Unscheduled Rides
At various times throughout the season, members will post a ride on our
Facebook page which are not pre-scheduled. These can be posted and led by any members wishing to participate.

 we run a number of events during the off-season (October to April):

Meet and Greet
We get together two or three times a month for some casual food and conversation. (a great time to hook up with other hibernating riding enthusiasts)

Check the Events tab on our Facebook page for updated dates, times, and places!

Sunday Breakfast/Brunch

Social Events
These can include billiards, darts, bowling, cards, etc.